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Township Rating Standards

by Urban Terrace

What is our Township Rating Standards?

urban terrace rating for residential townships in indore

Urban Terrace Rating is not a standard or universally recognized system, but we have created a hypothetical framework based on the factors our buyer searches to buy a plot and build the home. This framework could be used to assess and rate a residential township. Each category is essential to the overall living experience and may be subject to personal preferences, needs, and values. Here’s what each category might encompass:

Here’s what each category might encompass our township rating standards:

Appearance of Township

  • Landscaping and greenery
  • Architectural style and uniformity
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Street lighting and signage
  • Views of the surrounding environment

Proximity to City Amenities

  • Distance to downtown or urban centres
  • Access to public transportation
  • Travel time to major employment hubs
  • Proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment
  • Easy access to healthcare and educational institutions


  • Community demographics and diversity
  • Safety and crime statistics
  • Sense of community and social engagement
  • Noise levels and general tranquillity
  • Neighbourhood reputation and historical value

Township Amenities

  • Availability of parks, pools, and recreational facilities
  • Community centres and social venues
  • Parking space and road quality
  • Schools, daycare, and elderly care facilities
  • Utility services (internet, water, electricity, waste management)

Development Plans

  • Infrastructure improvement plans of current township
  • Expansion or improvement of current amenities
  • Initiatives toward environment (solar power, waste recycle, water recycle etc.)
  • Economic development and job creation projections
  • Expansion of residential part of current project

NOTE: For a comprehensive Urban Terrace Rating, each category will be scored on a scale (1-5), where the highest number represents the most favourable conditions. An overall rating would be the average of these scores, giving potential residents or investors an idea of the overall desirability of a township.

Township Rating Standards by Urban Terrace

Also note that this is a simplified approach and real-world application could be far more intricate, possibly involving detailed surveys, statistical analysis, and community input. Companies that specialize in real estate or urban planning might have proprietary systems for assessing similar factors in residential areas.