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A concept for creating high-rise luxurious Villaments is an ambitious endeavor of Urban Terrace, that blends the spaciousness and exclusivity of a villa with the convenience and security of an apartment. To execute such a plan, several architectural and design elements are carefully considered:


Structure: Given their height, the structural design will adhere to the highest standards for safety and stability, considering wind loads, seismic activity, and vertical transportation efficiency.

Facade: The exterior will be aesthetically pleasing and reflect the luxurious nature of the Villaments. It will incorporate modern materials, like high-quality glass and steel, to complement the floor-to-ceiling windows and aid in creating an elegant look.

Natural Light and Views

Windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows are planned which not only provide unobstructed views but also invite ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Orientation: Planned Villaments shall be oriented to maximize natural light exposure and provide the best possible views while also maintaining privacy for residents.

Balconies and Terraces: Large balconies and terraces will add to the villa feel, enabling residents to have private outdoor space.

Interior Design

Double-height Spaces: To make the living and dining areas feel more luxurious, the ceilings are envisioned to double in height, giving a sense of grandeur and spaciousness.

Materials and Finishes: High-end materials are selected, like natural stone, premium hardwoods, and designer tiles, to lend an air of sophistication to the interiors.

Smart Home Features: Advanced smart home technology is to be integrated for convenience, security, and energy efficiency.

Common Areas

Lobby: The entrance lobby is planned in a lavish way that sets the tone of luxury and exclusivity with its design, materials, and finishes.

Amenities: High-end amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, spa, and lounge areas, will enhance the desirability of the Villaments.

Landscaping: Green spaces on the rooftop, common gardens, and vertical gardens will soften the high-rise architecture and provide serene environments.


Energy Efficiency: The professionally planned design incorporates sustainability features such as efficient HVAC systems, solar panels, and sustainable building materials.

Water Conservation: Rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling systems, and water-efficient fixtures will promote water conservation.

Overall, by harmonizing these architectural and design components, these high-rise luxurious villaments will offer residents an exclusive lifestyle with all the comforts and conveniences of upscale urban living while maximizing the aesthetic and functional value of their living spaces.

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Urban Commercial Towers

Upcoming Urban Commercial Towers are designed to blend luxury with convenience
Discover the Perfect Commercial Tower for Your Business
Positioning your business within our commercial towers is an investment in prestige, performance, and prosperity
Urban Commercial Tower - allow your business to become a celebrated landmark within the city’s skyline

Welcome to the era of business excellence where every detail caters to the exceptional. Our upcoming commercial towers are designed to blend luxury with convenience, providing the perfect foundation for businesses aiming to soar to new heights. With a strategic prime location, robust parking facilities, seamless vertical transportation via lifts, hygienic restrooms, advanced security features, retail stores, and restaurants, our towers are much more than a workspace – they are a pinnacle of premium commercial real estate.


Discover the perfect commercial tower for your business!

Imagine a workspace that not only suits your professional needs but also surpasses expectations in providing an upscale environment for both your team and your clients. Our commercial towers are meticulously planned to serve as the ultimate business hub, offering an address that speaks volumes about your company’s status and aspirations.

Prime Location

Why it matters for your business?

Located at the center of city and industrial zones, our commercial towers will be situated to give businesses unrivalled access to a myriad of opportunities. The prime location ensures high visibility and easy accessibility, an essential mix that can significantly impact your business growth and clientele reach.

Parking Facilities

Hassle-free access for you and your customers!

Forget the stresses of city parking. Our towers will boast ample parking facilities designed to provide easy and organized access for both employees and guests. With advanced parking systems in place, we will ensure a swift and efficient vehicular flow, elevating the convenience factor of working at or visiting these prestigious commercial edifices.


Ensuring smooth vertical transportation throughout the tower!

Efficiency is vital in today’s fast-paced business world. Our state-of-the-art lifts will guarantee that movement within the tower is nothing short of effortless and fast. By minimizing wait times and enhancing the flow of guests and personnel, we will ensure your business operates at peak efficiency.


Maintaining cleanliness and comfort for everyone in the tower!

Hygiene is a non-negotiable aspect of a premium workplace. Our restrooms are planned to be equipped with the latest amenities and will be maintained by professional staff to uphold the strictest standards of cleanliness and sanitation, ensuring comfort and a pleasant environment for all tower occupants and visitors.

Security Features

Protecting your business and providing peace of mind!

Security is paramount, and our commercial towers are to be fortified with cutting-edge security features. From round-the-clock surveillance to access control systems and emergency response protocols, we will provide a safe and secure environment where businesses can flourish with peace of mind.

Retail Stores

The perfect blend of shopping and business opportunities!

Our commercial towers are going to offer an enticing shopping experience with a range of retail stores housed on the premises. This will provide businesses with the unique advantage of footfall from shoppers and create a dynamic atmosphere where commerce and retail thrive side by side.

Positioning your business within our commercial towers is an investment in prestige, performance, and prosperity. Join us in embracing the height of luxury and convenience, and allow your business to become a celebrated landmark within the city’s skyline.