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Countryside Leisure Home

by Urban Terrace

Investing in real estate has always been a popular choice for financial growth and stability. Typically, investors purchase a plot of land or a house and wait for the surrounding area to develop, resulting in appreciation or rental income. However, we are excited to present an alternative opportunity that can provide a substantial income within just a few months of initial investment.

With the same funds that you would use to invest in a city plot, you could own an earning villa and potentially earn even more and achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals. Countryside Leisure Homes offers a unique investment opportunity that combines the benefits of property investment with the lifestyle advantages of a luxury retreat.


90 to 120 km away from Indore

The location options are set to be nestled in the serene lap of nature, 90 to 120 km away from the bustling city of Indore. The location has been carefully selected, taking into account its historical significance, tourism value, and connectivity. The location guarantees an escape from the noise and pollution of the city, providing a peaceful and refreshing experience.

Recurring Income

Rental income of 9 to 12% p.a.

The construction of luxurious vacation villas will be patterned to generate recurring income in the form of short-stay bookings. Own an earning villa and you can get around 5% rental earnings in urban properties in cities like Indore and Bhopal, these homes are estimated to yield a rental income of 9 to 12%, making it an excellent investment opportunity.

Versatile Utility

Luxurious vacations, parties or religious trips

Own an earning villa, such leisure homes are not only an asset of pride and a source of excellent short-term rental income, but they also serve as a multipurpose asset. They are suitable for luxurious vacations, religious trips, and leisure trips for the owners, whenever they plan for it. With a minimum investment, these homes provide optimal value in terms of their versatility.

High Appreciation

50 – 100% in a period of 4-5 years

For those who plan on investing in real estate for the medium to long term, 4 to 5 years is a reasonable timeframe to expect a property value appreciation of 50 to 100% in this case. This appreciation is on par or better with any other investment opportunity you may consider in the real estate industry in Madhya Pradesh.

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