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Our Scope of Services

Urban Terrace provides all the necessary services for your dream home project, including essential services, that too at a reasonable price, without the need for multiple hires. Our primary objective is to satisfy our clients, and we are confident that you will become our brand ambassador in the future, just like many of our existing clients.

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Home Construction Management Services of Team Urban Terrace includes:

Architectural Services for Home Design, which involves the creation of a customised blueprint for your home tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Engineering Service ensures that the construction process is carried out to the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Technical Vaastu Services involves the application of ancient Indian principles of architecture and design to create a harmonious and balanced living space.

Basic interior consultancy service includes expert advice on selecting construction materials, colours, textures, fittings and furniture for your home interiors.

Material procurement service involves selecting and procuring high-quality building materials at competitive prices and submitting invoices related to the purchases.

Auditing and reporting to the homeowners ensure transparency and project completion within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

Lifestyle consultancy that provides expert guidance on creating a healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly home while addressing living or home issues before they arise.

Gardening and landscaping include designing and implementing a beautiful and functional outdoor space that complements your home’s architecture.

Pre and post-possession professional cleaning services ensure that your home is clean, hygienic, and ready for you to move in.

Post-purchase support that comes in the form of a warranty against construction defects and includes the warranty provided by the fittings and fixtures company.

Home Construction Management Fee Schedule

To provide the best possible experience for our clients and ensure smooth operations throughout every aspect of our organization, we have established a comprehensive breakdown of our charges. This breakdown comprises five parts, each designed to cover specific expenses and services related to the project completion

S. No.Particulars% of estimated feeEstimated Period
1Booking Amount5%While signing contract
2Towards planning, designing, civil - material planning and labour30%Within 1-2 week of agreement
3On completion of all the roof slabs30%Around 14th week of contract
4On completion of flooring and tiles30%Around 26th week of contract
5At the time of finishing and handing over5%Around 32nd week of contract

Commercials and General Conditions

Provisional Buffer Amount

We collect a specific amount for the monthly payment, which will cover the payment to labour, contractors, security staff, and construction material procurement for the coming month. Beforehand, our team will provide an estimation and plan for the same.

Weekly Reports

At the end of every week, a detailed report of expenses and construction status will be submitted through WhatsApp or email as per the client’s preference.

Direct Payment to Workers

If the client chooses to make payments directly to the labour, contractor or other staff, they will be responsible for ensuring prompt payment to avoid any delays caused by staff absence due to late payments.


If the client wishes to procure construction material, they can do so per the monthly forecast and send it to the site. However, in such cases, the client is responsible for ensuring timely material delivery at the site. This will help avoid any delays due to the lack of material.

Vendor Recommendation

If the UT team is responsible for procuring the construction material, the client may suggest their preferred shops, vendors, or material brands.

Delays in Construction

Please be aware that if there is a delay in direct payment for labour or contractor services or if there is a shortage of materials at the site for any reason, the construction may be delayed. In such cases, the team at Urban Terrace will not be held liable or penalised.

No-Commission Policy

Our company strictly follows a “No-Commission Policy” regarding material procurement, labour, or any such payment. This policy is clearly stated in our terms and conditions, and we keep a record of every payment to ensure compliance. We want our clients to be aware of this policy and confident that all transactions are carried out with transparency and integrity.

Final Settlement

When a client signs a contract with Urban Terrace, they are responsible for settling the expert fee. This fee is not subject to project delays or holds. Once the project is completed according to the agreed parameters and contract, our team will hand over the site to the client. At that point, the client should pay the remaining balance fee and any amount pertaining to materials and labour.

Selling or Renting the House

If you decide to sell or rent out your property that was built by Urban Terrace, a standard commission rate will apply if you choose to use our services for this purpose. Please note that the construction fee and any other commissions related to renting out or selling the property will not be combined or interconnected in any way.

Government Fees

Property owners are fully responsible for ensuring that government fees and penalties, such as electrical and water connection charges, are paid on time. Urban Terrace and its members are not legally or morally responsible for making such payments or reminding property owners to do so.

Additional Work

Lastly, any non-standard cladding, elevation, carpentry, interior, or other additional design components are planned at a later stage. In that case, the customer will be required to pay an additional amount as per mutual agreement. Agreeing on the specifics beforehand is essential to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts.