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Construction Materials

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At Urban Terrace, we place great importance on selecting the perfect construction material list for your new home. This is crucial to ensure endurance, confidence, and a stress-free life for our homebuyers. The significance of choosing the right building material suppliers for a successful construction project cannot be overstated. These materials help buildings last longer, build trust in their construction, and keep guarantees on fittings and fixtures valid. We always recommend the best products available to ensure our customers are satisfied and their living experience is seamless.

Construction Materials which we used at your house Urban Terrace

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At Urban Terrace, we prioritize specific materials to achieve benchmark home construction, including:

Cement for foundation, Brickwork and Plaster


Most popular 53 Grade Ultratech Cement and 53 Grade Cement brands like Mycem Cement, Ambuja Cement are ideal for residential projects

Ultratech Logo - Urban Terrace
mycem cement Logo - Urban Terrace
Ambuja Cement Logo - Urban Terrace

Steel for foundation and structure


Fe 550 grade steel Metaroll, and Moira Sariya are ideal for earthquake-resistant structures

Moira Steel Logo - Urban Terrace

CPVC Pipes and Fittings

CPVC - Urban Terrace

Lightweight, non-corrosive and long-lasting Finolex Pipes and Astral Pipes are the best substitutes for GI pipes

Finolex Pipes Logo - Urban Terrace
Astral Pipes Logo - Urban Terrace

Electric Switches and MCB

Electric - Urban Terrace

Havells, GM Electric Switches and Anchor MCB are expensive but extremely reliable, safe and long-lasting products

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Lights - Urban Terrace

Phillips light bulbs and Havells and Crompton tubes that use less electricity, hence recommended

Havells Logo - Urban Terrace
Phillips Logo - Urban Terrace
Crompton Logo - Urban Terrace

Fans with remote

Fans - Urban Terrace

With remote control fans of Havells and Crompton, you can easily change the fan’s settings without moving from your spot

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Crompton Logo - Urban Terrace

Plywood and Laminates

Ply and Laminates - Urban Terrace

Water resistant and resistant to borers, termites and fungus ply of Greenply and Centuryply are the most trusted brands

Greenply Logo - Urban Terrace
Century ply Logo - Urban Terrace

White Cement and Putty

White Cement Putty Work - Urban Terrace

Birla White Cement price and JK White Cement price are almost the same and they are known for enhancing your home by adding both durability and style

Birla White Logo - Urban Terrace
JK White Logo - Urban Terrace

Interior Paints

Interior Paint Work - Urban Terrace

Nerolac paint price and Berger easy clean price justify the worth and your home looks spot-free and elegant day after day

Nerolac Logo - Urban Terrace
Berger Paints Logo - Urban Terrace

Exterior Paints

Exterior Paint - Urban Terrace

Exterior paints from Berger and Asian paint are suggested to keep your home looking bright and clean throughout the year

asian Paints Logo - Urban Terrace
Berger Paints Logo - Urban Terrace

False Ceiling Frame and Board

False Ceiling Work - Urban Terrace

To create a well-lit, clutter-free, and cooler home you should use Gyproc or Armstrong False Ceiling Frame and Board

Gyproc saint gobain Logo - Urban Terrace
Armstron Logo - Urban Terrace


Sanitary Fittings - Urban Terrace

Jaquar bathroom fittings and Plumber bathware are aesthetically pleasing and considered world-class sanitary products

Jaquar Logo - Urban Terrace
Plumber Logo - Urban Terrace

Water Proofing

Water Proofing Work - Urban Terrace

Dr Fixit waterproofing and Birla waterproof putty prices are varying but both are preferred to provide a permanent solution for possible leakage

Dr Fixit Logo - Urban Terrace
Birla White Logo - Urban Terrace


Glass Work - Urban Terrace

Saint Gobain glass fittings, AIS Glass and Modi Glass are highly durable glass chosen for partitions, roofs, doors, and railings

Saint Gobain Logo - Urban Terrace
Asahi Logo - Urban Terrace
Modigaurd Logo - Urban Terrace

Door Locks

Door Locks Work - Urban Terrace

Godrej and Hettich glass door hinges are popular, but both brands are also providing high-quality locks to keep your home safe

hettich Logo - Urban Terrace
godrej Logo - Urban Terrace
Details of other building materials and fittings you can choose:
Work DetailsMaterials (option-1) Materials (option-2)Materials (option-3)
Bricks for foundation and wallsRed Brick – Ujjain GoodRed Brick – Ujjain Good
Sand for CRC /CC bedsM sand / ROBO sand
Sand for Plaster / Structure WorkRiver Sand
Flooring Type (Open Space)2'x4' Vitrified Ceramic Tiles2'6"x42'6"x5'
Flooring Type (Rooms)2'x4' Vitrified2'6"x42'6"x5'
Flooring Type (Bathrooms and Wash area)2'x4' Vitrified2'6"x412x12" Non-Skid Ceramic Tiles
Flooring Type (Open Terrace)Plaster Finish Koba
Flooring Type (Covered Terrace)Non-Skid Vitrified Tiles
Flooring Type (Stairs)Granite
Wall Tiles12x12" Ceramic Tiles
Window TypeAluminium 16 guageUPVC Windows
Outdoor Window TypeAluminiumUPVC Windows
Indoor Window TypeAluminiumUPVC Windows
Doors MaterialFlush Doors 32-35 mm thicknessWooden Doors
Doors FramesSaal Wood Chokhat
Bathroom DoorsFlush Doors 32-35 mm thickness
Front Fence MaterialRotten IronMild Steel (Powder Coated)
Terrace Railing MaterialStainless SteelMild Steel (Powder Coated)
Internal Railing and Fencing MaterialStainless SteelMild Steel (Powder Coated)
Main Gate Material and PatternRotten IronStainless Steel
Balcony Handrail MaterialRotten IronStainless Steel
Curtain Rods Type / MaterialIron RodChannel Rails
Chamber CoverMS Frame
Our SOPs during construction

Throughout every stage of construction, we conduct numerous inspections to ensure that our work meets the highest possible standards. We pay close attention to every detail of the construction process and work tirelessly to identify any deviations from our target standards.

sops during construction urban terrace

Our team of expert inspectors is trained to detect even the slightest flaws or deviations from our desired level of quality. Our construction project management checklist is on the following key points:

Commitment to customers

Our inspections aren’t just about meeting regulatory requirements. They are an essential part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible construction experience. We believe that building a home is a significant investment, and we want our customers to feel confident that they have made the right choice.

Independent Inspections

To further demonstrate our commitment to quality, our top management conducts independent inspections to evaluate our work methods and materials. These inspections are conducted objectively and are an integral part of our construction process. We believe that our attention to detail and commitment to quality are what make us stand out from our competition.